A guide to WorkMeNow

Common questions & inquiries

What Makes WorkMeNow Special?

EVERYTHING!!! WorkMeNow is a company of the people for the people. Worker, drivers, and users of the WorkMeNow community are put before high profits. The membership fee allows WorkMeNow to support the company vision and stay true to what it stands for “A company of the people for the people.” Membership rewards in the form of cash and credits are earned by working hard to spread the word about WorkMeNow to the people. These rewards become residual income and credits into your user account. “Mailbox Money”

Membership Cash and Credit Rewards for Drivers/Workers/Users explained

Get rewards in the form of cash and credits for spreading the word about WorkMeNow. The harder you work combined with the number of referrals, the more opportunity you have for rewards. Members get a percentage of the money a driver/worker makes providing a service and also a percentage of the money a driver/worker/user spends through WorkMeNow. The rewards you get are from your direct referrals all the way through 5 tiers down.

Why does WorkMeNow offer Membership options?

To help fuel the growth of the company and keep to our vision of putting people first. The membership fee allows us to continue building and expanding our platform to its optimal level, so we can keep giving back to you, our ultimate vision, THE PEOPLE. Stable income to the company allows for business structuring without the need for large amounts of cash capital like some of the other companies in the on demand space are requiring. As little as $5 a month can go a long way to grow a company with the community behind it.

What is Charity Connect vision?

WorkMeNow is working hard to create a network of partnerships with charitable organizations and community outreach programs to help connect individuals who have a desire to help with local charities. WorkMeNow wants to use its’ network of workers, drivers, and users to connect with the organizations that need volunteers while tracking the charitable time donated. Charities will also have the opportunity to look for services within our platform at a discounted rate. In addition, 20% of every member’s monthly subscription goes to a charity. Help us give back!!

How do you receive Residual Income?

Share! Share! Share the word about WorkMeNow to anyone and everyone you know. Help organizations and people sign up under your personal, unique referral code. When drivers or workers provide a service through the WorkMeNow platform you get residual income in the form of cash rewards if they are connected to you (Tier 1-5) from your referral code, you receive a percentage of every dollar a driver or worker makes. You also receive residual income in the form of credit rewards when a driver, worker or user connected to you (Tier 1-5) spends money through the WorkMeNow platform and with our affiliate partners.

Why would driver's drive with WorkMeNow?

  • Better pay opportunities than some of the other big name rideshare companies, Keep up to 100% of the fare. $$$
  • Residual income with your Referral Rewards Account and Affiliate Partners Program.
  • Opportunity to work for yourself (Be your own boss.)
  • Work on your time.
  • Connecting you with riders needing rides.
  • Allow riders to tip drivers through the app.
  • Allow riders to connect with past drivers.
  • Having access to the ever expanding WorkMeNow community and platform.
  • WorkMeNow puts drivers who work with Work Me now before profit.
  • Giving individuals who are ambitions the opportunity to prosper. “The American Dream”

Why would workers work with WorkMeNow?

  • Option to keep up to 100% of the billed service. $$$
  • Residual income with your Referral Rewards Account and Affiliate Partners Program.
  • Opportunity to work for yourself (Be your own boss).
  • Work on your time.
  • Connecting you with people needing workers’ services.
  • Allow users to tip workers through the app.
  • Allow users to connect with past workers.
  • Having access to the ever expanding WorkMeNow community and platform.
  • WorkMeNow puts workers who work with WorkMeNow before profit.
  • Giving individual who are ambitions the opportunity to prosper. “The American Dream”

Why would Users use WorkMeNow?

  • Residual income with your Referral Rewards Account and Affiliate Partners Program
  • Get up to 25% percentage back from the WorkMeNow services you order.
  • Easily find Drivers for rides anytime
  • Easily find workers for many different task
  • Having access to the ever expanding WorkMeNow community and platform.
  • People first oriented company

Can I upgrade my membership?

Yes, If you want a different membership level and the benefits associated with it you can upgrade for a fee. You will then be held to the new membership terms and fees.

How does WorkMeNow Help organizations?

As an organization you will have the opportunity to have a WorkMeNow membership and receive the benefits of the Membership Rewards. You will have the members of your organization at your disposal to sign up as your direct connections. WorkMeNow wants to help organizations generate their own residual income through our platform. What better way to benefit your organization than using and providing services that are already in our day to day lives. By becoming a member and using the WorkMeNow platform you will be able to give back to your organization, employees, charities, or focus on growth of your organization. Our model is to give back to individuals and we want organizations to have that same opportunity as they see best fit.

How does WorkMeNow work when requesting a service?

When requesting a worker’s service you will see first name, picture, rating, short bio, and skills of the worker. Once you choose your worker you will have the ability to contact them if needed. Once the work is complete you will be automatically charged to the payment method linked to your account. The feedback system is important to ensure safety and satisfaction to users and help determine percentage of the transaction the worker receives.

WorkMeNow and tipping my Driver/Worker?

You are encouraged to tip your driver if you are satisfied with the ride or service. You can do this within the application upon completion of the service. This encourages the driver and worker to perform at a high level of satisfaction. We also want to ensure the drivers and workers are making more money without forcing you to pay at higher rates. Your tipping helps keep our service providers happy and readily available to service your needs. Bottom line, if you are happy with the service please feel free to tip, but in no way feel obligated.

Is WorkMeNow always available?

In cities where WorkMeNow operates, you can request a ride or worker 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. WorkMeNow can not guarantee you will be able to find a driver or worker at all times.

Is WorkMeNow available in my city?

As the people in each city show support by becoming members it will help WorkMeNow become available faster in most cities. Help bring WorkMeNow to your city.

Is there a minimum age for riders?

The minimum age will be determined by the laws of each city, state, and insurance requirements.

Signing up

Download WorkMeNow for iOS

  1. Using your phone, tap the App Store icon and tap Search.
  2. In the search box, type WorkMeNow and tap Search.
  3. In the results, tap the WorkMeNow icon.
  4. Tap GET to download the app.
Note that you may be required to enter your App Store password. When downloading is complete, GET will change to INSTALL. Tap INSTALL. When installation is complete, INSTALL will change to OPEN. Tap OPEN to set up or access your WorkMeNow account and request a ride or worker.

Download WorkMeNow for Android

To download and install the WorkMeNow rider app on your Android phone, head to the Google Play store. Devices with Android 4.0.3 or newer are supported. Follow these steps:

  1. On your Android phone, tap the Google Play icon.
  2. Tap Search.
  3. In the search box, type WorkMeNow. Tap Search.
  4. From the results, tap the WorkMeNow icon.
  5. Tap INSTALL.
  6. When installed, tap OPEN.
  7. Tap SIGN IN if you already have an account or tap REGISTER.

Using WorkMeNow without a smartphone

The WorkMeNow app is optimized for use on smartphones and available for download but can be used on the WorkMeNow website.

My email or phone number is in use when I sign up

At WorkMeNow, we take security seriously, therefore we recommend that customers associate only one mobile number to their account. Usage of multiple mobile numbers may inadvertently be flagged by our security and fraud team.

All WorkMeNow accounts must have an email address and verified mobile number associated with the account in order to request a ride.

If you're trying to change your email or mobile number on an existing account but receiving an error or if you are unable to sign up for a new account because your number or email address is already registered please contact us at support@workmenow.com.

Requesting a ride with WorkMeNow

A WorkMeNow trip begins at a pickup location and ends at your final destination. To get started, open your app.


Use the slider at the bottom of your screen to select a vehicle option. Tap any vehicle option button to see a fare estimate.


If you have used WorkMeNow driver before and want to request them you will have the option to do so. This option will be accessible from the requesting a ride home screen.


Enter your pickup location using one of these methods:

  • move the map to drop your pin on a desired location
  • type the exact address or select the address from search results

Next, tap the SET PICKUP LOCATION bar. This bar also gives an estimated time of arrival for a driver who accepts your ride request.


Tap Enter destination to choose where you would like to go. Similar to entering your pickup location, street addresses and location names can be used. Enter your destination anytime before or after requesting a ride. You can also update your destination anytime.


Tap REQUEST at the bottom of your screen. Wait for a driver to accept your request. When this happens, your map will display the driver’s location. The pin at your pickup location will show the driver's ETA. Your app notifies you about one minute before the driver arrives. Make sure you’re at the exact pickup location. To help you identify your driver, your app displays your driver’s name, vehicle make and model, and license plate number. Tap this info to access options to contact your driver by text or phone call.


When your driver arrives, it's good practice to confirm each other's names and discuss the route you will take. Check that you've entered your preferred destination in your app.


When you’re heading to your destination, swipe up on the app screen to perform the following:

  • Split fare: share the cost of a WorkMeNow trip with multiple people.
  • Send ETA: share your trip status with someone so they know when you should be arriving at your destination.
  • Change trip destination: change your destination address after you requested a ride or while you are on your way
  • Cancel trip: if you need to cancel your trip early, notify your driver and make sure you’re in a safe location before leaving the vehicle


You will have the option to tip your driver with the ease of a preset dollar amount or you can enter a specific dollar amount. Remember this is optional.


After a trip ends, your app will ask you to rate your driver. You can do this anytime before requesting your next ride.

Can I make a reservation?

WorkMeNow in some cities now includes the option to schedule a WorkMeNow driver.

  1. Tap the SCHEDULE A RIDE button above the vehicle option slider.
  2. Select a date and preferred 10-minute window of time when you will be ready for pickup.
  3. Enter your pickup location and destination.
  4. Review your fare estimate and tap SCHEDULE.
  5. Tap SCHEDULE TRIP to confirm. After confirming, select TRIPS from your app menu, then select UPCOMING to review upcoming scheduled trips or schedule a new trip. If you need to cancel a scheduled trip, tap CANCEL. Cancellation fees will still apply. A few minutes before your scheduled date and time, nearby drivers will receive your ride request. The driver who accepts this trip request may arrive at your pickup location at any time within your 10 minute window. We recommend that you be ready and available for pickup for this full duration of time. A driver who cannot locate you at the pickup location may cancel the ride after 5 minutes.

Can I request a specific driver?

You will have the option to choose from a past driver if they are available in your nearby area.

Can I request rides or workers for friends?

We are working on being able to request rides for friends or family in our Certified Safe ride option. Once the ride request has been accepted, it’s helpful to contact the driver and confirm your friend’s details. Your app includes features that help you share trip details with your friend. You can share the driver’s ETA and send status updates. You can also take a screenshot of your app’s screen displaying the driver's name, license plate number, and vehicle make and model. Sending this screenshot will help a friend confirm the driver and vehicle at the pickup location. Please note it's not possible to request more than one ride at a time. When you request a ride for a friend, you’ll need to wait until that trip ends before requesting a new ride for yourself or anyone else but we are working on combating this so you can do both at once.

Can pets come along?

In accordance with local and federal laws in your area, service animals are permitted to accompany riders at all times. If you’re planning to ride with a non-service pet, it’s good practice to contact the driver who accepts your ride request. Use your app to send a text message or call to let the driver know you'd like to bring a pet. We are working on having this as an option when choosing a vehicle and having the driver's profile and information indicate “dog friendly.”

Viewing my credit balance

If your account has WorkMeNow credit, sign into your account to view your credit balance. You can also sign into the WorkMeNow app to review available credit. Your credit amount is always displayed as a whole number amount of the currency the credit was issued in. For example, credit in U.S. dollars would display as $19. WorkMeNow Credit is applied by default to your payment.

  1. Select SETTINGS > Profiles and tap the profile you'd like to modify.
  2. Go to PREFERENCES > Default Payment.
  3. Tap ADD PAYMENT to choose a different option.
  4. Tap Save. This option will be your default profile payment method. You can modify it anytime.
What impact does my feedback have?

As a member you are always invited to rate your experiences. When directly connected with another member, you can award the other member 1 to 5 Stars and leave a review. All members receive updates from ratings and reviews. The feedback you provide is always anonymous. If your feedback describes an exceptionally good (or bad) experience, this may be noted on the member’s account. If a overall rating falls below a certain number, we may remove the member from the WorkMeNow platform. Our goal is to make every WorkMeNow experience great, for all members alike. Thank you for helping us make that happen.